Getting to know ‘Anon’

It is evident in current discussion, topical debate, literature and through personal experience that social media is the new platform of communication. Social media, entailing the use of internet sites, such as Facebook, Twitter etc. has taken over societies method of communication.

As predicted, many issues have arisen since the birth of social media. A major issue which Dan Beazley details on his website is the since lack of face-to-face communication in society. People are changing the way in which they associate with others for many different reasons. These include the new, fast-paced living styles of many , the simplicity and ease of being able to communicate from the comfort of your own home and for certain individuals, it is the fact that they are able to recreate themselves online. It gives people the anonymity to change themselves and become anyone and say anything because of the fact that there is no real filter or restrictions on dialogue. In fact, there is minimal restriction on anything which is accessed on the internet.

Website, E-Guillotine, states, “Nowadays you can use social media to get your message out to thousands or even millions of people uncensored.” As assumed, this has also had it repercussions as problems such as bullying and targeting have heightened. Not only is cyber bullying a very real and unmanageable issue, but there have been reported cases of harm and violence due to social media.

Though it is not all bad, many benefits have come from the birth of social media. Including the copious amount of information that we each have access to everyday and the way in which our social branches have grown.  It is interesting to note the difference between using media forms in public and using them in private. Even though we expose ourselves more and more, everyday on the internet, it seems as if in reality we are more closed than ever.

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